Computational Intelligence - Information Processing Systems
School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
The University of Western Australia
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CIIPS comprises the following research groups:
High-Integrity Computer Systems Lab (Prof. G. Bundell, Prof. T. Woodings)
High-performance, high-reliability and high-quality computer hardware and software systems design methodologies and management [EE 3.02]
Integrated Sensory Intelligent Systems Lab (Prof. A. Zaknich)
Adaptive Self-Learning Systems, Intelligent Signal Processing, Audio and Underwater Applications [EE 3.11]
Robotics and Automation Lab (Prof. T. Bräunl)
Intelligent Mobile Robots, Embedded Systenm, Image Processing, Automotive Systems, Simulation [EE 3.13]
Systems Engineering Analysis Management Lab (Mr. C. Croft)
Applied Engineering Projects, Project Planning and Management [EE 3.11]
CIIPS Adjunct and Adjoint Researchers
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Academic and Research Staff
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